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Guang Yang bearing manufacturing co., LTD., dalian is located in China of \"bearing\", dalian waf......[MORE]

Wafangdian bearing --China bearing

Wafangdian city in 2007, won the title of \"capital of Chinese bearing\". For several years, w......[MORE]

Wafangdian city pledges inspect bureau AIDS walk the road of ...

Liaoning dalian wafangdian city pledges inspect bureau in daily work, in order to cultivate br......[MORE]




ZWA has its own physical and chemical laboratory and measurement test center, from raw material to product geometric accuracy, from the first step to every step, strictly the quality pass, all products have the only encoding, and established the detailed quality files, traces the period up to five years.

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遼公網安備 21028102000029號

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